Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Award Tuesday!


Hi Y’all! 


I want to send gracious thanks to My Dogs Love Me!   You’ll see the signature Haopee in the comments on y’alls blogs. 

I’m so excited!  I’ve never, ever gotten a Pawsome Blogger Award!  I think it is so relevant for those of us who have paws, who struggle through life dependent on humans simply because we don’t have thumbs! Notice the paw print, Human!  This ones for me! 


Once more, thank you Haopee

If y’all haven’t visited My Dogs Love Me, you really must.  The blog has evolved over time and today is very informative on a host of topics.  I always learn something about humans and other dogs. 

But now I want to pass this awesome award on to some of my favorite friends. 

First, The Thundering Herd!  One day we hope we’ll run into each other on one of our hikes since we haunt many of the same places.  Can you imagine comin’ around a corner and meetin’ up with these six?

Next, Life with DesmondDesmond is a lucky fellow named for Desmond Jones of  the Beatles song lyrics.  His early life was one of upheaval as one after the other families turned him into shelters.   On April Fools Day he found his forever home and now celebrates with his own blog.  This award is a little early for his gotcha birthday…but I know Desmond will love it! 

Next is Katrina!  Check out the puppy love at the Puppy Raising Journey !  This is the life and times of a teenage puppy raiser and the new puppy, Katrina, she recently picked up at Guide Dogs.  If you’ve read the amazing stories of these young dogs and the unbelievable dedication of their raisers, you’ll want to follow this pup from beginning to advanced training.   If you’ve never followed a puppy raiser, you will love this blog.

Next is Puppy Raising with Monte and MeThis blog is also about a family raising a guide dog.

Then, for a change of pace, may I present Two Collies and a Mutt.  There are two Rough Collies and a Lab mix.  The younger collie has shorter hair, but is not a Smooth Collie.   You’ll enjoy the photos and narrative.

Ricky’s Life is a great blog especially if  you have an active dog like a Sheltie. Ricky is always learning and living life to the fullest.

You really must check out the Peaceful Dog Blog.  This blog is all about positive training and fostering.  These dogs  have amazing hikes around the Washington D.C. area complete with photos.  Also go back aways and meet some of the past foster dogs. 

Finally, The Chronicles of Cardigan!  Jon Farleigh and Dewi are Cardigan Welsh Corgis with a blog all about them and their family.

Okay, y’all, I’m off to let my friends know they have an Award!

Y’all come back now!

















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