Monday, January 16, 2012

The Stranger in the Woods. Not My Mischief!



Hi Y’all!


Here I was, sniffin’ around.  My Human was suspicious ‘cause I kept peeing and sniffing spots all along the trail.  We have coyotes and wild boar in these mountains, but not in this immediate area.


Then the Human is watchin’ me and takin’ this shot as I climbed out of a swell. 

My Human and I were hiking this part of the trail alone.  Papa had taken an easier trail.  As we reached the main trail, my Human and I heard a growl off to our left. I sat down instantly, on command and looked toward the growling.


We couldn’t see anything, but my Human hollered, “go home”.  I sat and watched.  I could see something huge and white and black and hairy.  It moved away, so we started on down our trail. 

The growling started again.  I was out in front ‘cause we were starting to jog.  My Human blew a whistle sit. I sat.

My Human yelled again and sort of ran at the trespasser.  This is all she could see.

The monster moved away and we turned and walked, yes walked, on down the trail.  My Human was afraid of jogging the way we usually do for fear the monster would chase after us. 

Y’all come back now.


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