Thursday, April 19, 2012

Adopt Me Please!


Hi Y’all!

First I have good news!  Remember our Urgent request for Lilo that headlined last week?

Lilo still needs a home, but Lilo has a reprieve!  She has a sponsor!  Her adoption fee is only $50.00 now! 

Many thanks to the kind person who has become her sponsor!

To contact Lilo

Bowling Green-Warren County Humane Society

Bowling Green, KY


Second, I’d like to introduce Lito!   Isn’t he gorgeous? 

Lito is a Chocolate Lab, Chessie mix and weighs about 80 lbs.  He is around 6 yrs. old. 

Lito’s owner lost his home and threatened to shoot him and his sister. 

The Oregon Humane Society that took his sister couldn’t take Lito because he has a thyroid condition.  When Rescue got Lito he hadn’t had thyroid medication in years, so his coat was dull and dry.  These are early pictures.  His coat is much better now that he is on medication.  He still has the Chessie dry grass coloring rather than the rich chocolate of the chocolate Lab.

The vet did a full blood panel and Lito passed! 

Are you interested in adopting Lito?  Rescue will supply his thyroid medication for a year.  The cost is $20.00 a month and he gets 1 pill two times a day. 

Lito is in great shape, not overweight and loves going for walks!  He loves snuggling with you, beside you or, if allowed, on the couch with you. 

Fine with other dogs, Lito is living with another Lab mix that is a bossy female, sorry girls.  Not only does he get along with other dogs, but he just ignores his house mate when she gets in his face.

Lito is house and crate trained.

To contact Lito:

C.A.R.R.E. CA-AR Retriever Rescue Efforts

Willits, CA

Please note:

The total costs of adopting a Labrador from CARRE generally is $225-$350. C.A.R.R.E. is nonprofit, volunteer organization. This fee is calculated to recoup the money that we spend to prepare a dog for life on the West Coast.




  1. Yeah! A sponsor for Lilo. : ) Hopefully Lito will find a great home soon. He deserves to be well taken care of and have tons of love. My heart sank when you mentioned the owners thoughts on how to handle the situation!

  2. I am so, so glad these precious pups found their way to safety!! When I was the president of the Golden Retriever Rescue, we had owners who threatened to do the same for their Goldens too. I won't say what I think of the 'owners' and will just say that I'm thankful those pups also found their way to safety and to families that gave them the homes they deserve--I know Lilo and Lito will too!!

  3. How great that Lilo got a sponsor! Now if she could just get adopted. I can't believe Lito's owner was just going to shoot him and his sister! I sure hope he finds a loving human to curl up on the couch with! :)

  4. Poor Lito! We pray that he get a good home soon. We were happy to read that he is in a rescue and safe from his owner.

    Nina, Myshka, Sasha, Betsy, Lucy, Phoebe and Lily

  5. Hope they both find homes. I guess depression over losing one's house does weird things to people. Can't imagine making the dog pay because I lost my home.