Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday is a Time Humans Pray


Hi Y’all,

But me, a pawed one, just goes around and appreciates God’s beauty.

I love to smell the flowers, and later the wild berries.  I appreciate the small delicate blooms of this miniature wild growing iris.

I even love my Humans’ planted azaleas.

As well as the flame ones growing wild in the woods.

Beautiful blooming trees.

And the dogwood trees that gave an unusually long and beautiful display this year.

So maybe I don’t go to a building and pray like humans, but I know about Life and take time to appreciate the journey.

Y’all come back now.




  1. Amen! Very well said Hawk! I love your beautiful flowers!

  2. Oh Hawk what you do IS praying. One can "pray" all they want but if you don't appreciate what God has placed before you, then why? I LOVE how you pray and I do it the very same way.

  3. Such a sweet baby....have a happy Sunday!!!! Lizzy sends hugs....

  4. Beautiful flowers! Hope you have a wonderful Sunday

  5. Ditto Dude.

    That is a beautiful post of prayer if you ask me.

    It is a beautiful world wherever we are and we all need to be greatful for what we have, just like you said.