Sunday, April 1, 2012



Hi Y’all,

For those of you who missed yesterday’s post, my birthday

was back on March 25th.  Since I am now 6 years old, that makes me middle aged.  As March slips away I started looking back at memories from those years.

Remembering the walks along the river…

Autumn walks along the creek.

After all the training…finally  I earn more freedom.

Thanksgiving was fun!

Christmas 2009 we spent in the mountains and I lost my favorite  toy in the big snow.

After Christmas we returned to the shore.

The winter months were perfect for strolls along the river without worries of alligators or poisonous snakes.

And always, always, even on relaxed fun walks, we practice recalls.

Then there were always “hide and seek” games.  Below I find a toy hidden in a tree.  The picture was taken in late April 2010.

I found it easy to learn to “look up” to find things.  Dogs that focus more on the ground might find “looking up” a difficult concept. 

Below I am enjoying just laying around guarding the Human while she gardens.  The red flower is a day lily and in the left background is jasmine.




Below I’m licking my wounds from stepping on a yellow jacket.  They are one big problem up in the mountains.  Every year we have to burn out another yellow jacket nest.  They nest in the ground and between the rocks. 


Whenever we are at the shore, which isn’t often in the summer, I always take time to smell the roses.




And watch the geese…spring brings out the babies.


Checking out great grandpa’s old homestead.


Visiting cemeteries.

Traveling with the Humans.

We make lots of stops to stretch legs and to give me an opportunity to read my pee mail. 

Sometimes we spend the night.

Below I’m laying on my carpet in a hotel room.









Outside the hotel.

Business kept the Humans home at the shore for  Christmas 2010.  This was a morning walk on Christmas Day.

Winter 2010-2011 was spent enjoying the shore.

Disappearing into the wetland grasses.

My 5th birthday was spent at the shore. 

But for now, I’ll say so long.  I’ll give you some highlights from last year tomorrow.

Y’all come back now!







  1. Those are great pictures! 6? I never would've thought!

    I've also never seen baby Canada Geese before. They're adorable!

    Elka loses her toys in the snow all the time.

  2. First, Happy Belated Birthday to ya! :) And what a great trip through time you shared with us! Great adventures and super cool photos :D

    Waggin at ya,

  3. Happy birthday! Still a youngin' at 6! : )
    Such great pics.

  4. I think that your pictures are INCREDIBLE! And this is the happiest Chessie I think I have ever seen.

    Love the content and spirit of your blog. krista

  5. You are still young at 6 Hawk, looking great, and enjoying every minute! Great pictures and a great trip through time.
    Lotsa Licks
    Casper Bear

  6. What a wonderful walk through some seasons in your life. Thank you for sharing!

  7. .。☆。*。☆。
    What great memories and pictures too! Thanks for sharing them with us, and I'm glad you got over that yellow-jacket sting, they can pack a punch, can't they?

    Enjoy your Sunday!!

  8. I think all of the exercise and fresh air you get keeps you young because you don't look middle aged at all!
    What kind of business are your parents in? How wonderful that you get to share so much time with them because of their work!

  9. Happy Belated Birthday Hawk! You certainly do not look middle aged. I am 9 today so I must be ancient bol!!
    Princess Kisses

  10. Happy belated Birthday Hawk! I just love coming by and seeing your life in pictures. What a great idea about the toy in the tree! We've been doing scent training with Kol and I hide everything at ground level.. Maybe this is a way to kick up the challenge a bit!

  11. Years filled with great times and wonderful memories :-)

  12. What a wonderfully nostalgic post! Sammie will be six July 1, although it's arbitrary as she's a rescue and ... we don't know! We love all the stories and pictures of you at different ages and in ALL those fabu places; such adventures and experiences you've had. We'll be back to see more! (We tried to get into your bloggie yesterday, but had probs. - not sure why we're having such trubs with da brown dog blog!) Happy belated Birthday, Hawk!
    Sammie and Avalon

  13. Happy Birthday, Mr. Hawk!! We're lucky, aren't we?

    -Ruby and Bart, too.

  14. Are you sure you are turning 6? I swears you don't look a day over 2! Thanks so much for the pix and all your adventures...the snakes and crocs scare me to no end. I'm so glad you had a great b'day too!

  15. Oh Dog! A belated happy birthday to you Hawk! woo woo woo!

  16. Isn't it great we have all those memories from the past AND the pictures to go along with them! Fun times, Hawk. You have many more memories to make!!

  17. Can't believe I missed your birthday..Well I'm sure it was a good one and I loved the story that you posted remembering life...Maybe we should all take a lesson from you..

    Your BFF


  18. Great pictures. I am enjoying your reminiscing. :)

  19. I'm late, but happy belated birthday!