Thursday, April 26, 2012



Hello there.  I’m Ginger

I’ve been through the homes, let me tell you.  Originally, me and my puppies got found by the landlord, so I was taken to the shelter.  We were all put in foster care until the pups were big enough to have a life of their own.  You guessed it, then it was back to the shelter. 

I was lucky though.  I got adopted by a nice family with a farm.  Unfortunately I a retriever and all those chickens, geese and goats were just too tempting to chase.  We retrievers need a job and to have our retrieving skills utilized.  Instead it was back to doggy jail.

So now I’m hoping you’ll read this and have a fenced yard that needs a dog. 

I’d like it if you were willing to utilize my retrieving skills and spend time training me to do useful things.  That way I’d feel challenged. 

To contact me click on my name, Ginger, or my picture or contact

Central Nebraska Humane Society, Grand Island, NE  and ask for me.

Telephone: (308) 385-5305



Please note, Ginger is listed as a Chessie Rottweiler mix.  However the pattern is also acceptable, though not preferred, for Chessies.  Description quoted from the American Chesapeake site (here):  masking on topskull, striping effect of light & dark through the body and on legs, distinct & indistinct saddle markings, agouti coloring and tan points. All are acceptable, they are just not preferred.

Seeing her coloring only in a picture, she appears to have a pattern that is acceptable for a Chessie. 

Ginger is current on shots and spayed.




  1. Ginger is adorable! I sure hope she finds a loving forever home with a fenced yard soon!

  2. Sure looks like a Chessie to me. Hard to tell her eye and nose color. If she is that birdie I wouldn't be surprised if she was full bred. Hope she finds a good home.

  3. We're rooting for Ginger! I hope she finds a good home soon.

  4. Hoping a forever home is on her way. FWIW: She doesn't appear to have much in common physically with a rottie in those shots.