Saturday, April 21, 2012

Spring in the Mountains


Hi Y’all!

How y’all doin’?

My Human is back to pullin’ her hair out!  You guessed it!  The computer again!  The other day it started.  I woke up and checked for comments on my blog…my post wasn’t there!  My Human found my post under “posts”, the release time was correct…only it never released!  The next day, the same thing!  Friday morning was showing Thursday’s post!  I know y’all out west and in other parts of the world are up and visit while we sleep…but why things aren’t working we haven’t figured out.  Yesterday, some of my links to y’alls sites didn’t highlight, although they worked.  Please bear with us. 

Now, let me take y’all over to see some of my friends!

This year we have one calf that’s different than all the rest.

The others are all black or black and white.

Something is leaving powerful urine smells that even the Humans can smell and it is still tearing up trees.  Some sort of big cat probably…definitely bigger than Allred!

The marks that appeared going up the tree and these marks aren’t bear.  There have been a number of controversial sightings over the years of large black cats that scream like a woman.  My Humans have heard them.  A pair was sighted a few years ago fleeing after attacking a domestic cat.  Look out Allred!  

Now let me share a wild azalea blooming deep in the woods.

That’s all for today folks!  Tomorrow I’ll have some more spring time sights to share with y’all!

Y’all come back now!





  1. Spring time sights - and almost winter weather. We actually had snow in the forecast this weekend, but now they have taken that out. Spring time in the mountains!

  2. Those are quite the scratches on the tree! It must be one big cat! I don't know what's going on with blogger. My daughter lost hers the other day, after she got it back she was having the same problem of you with her posts. :(

  3. Beautiful springtime picture! You be careful about a cat that big, though I guess it won't bother you much in broad daylight?

  4. Great photos! That sure looks like it could be ONE BIG OLE KITTY! Crazy! Enjoy the springing of spring!

  5. Nice pictures! It sounds like you have panthers in the area. Hope they leave everyone alone, especially you and the cute baby cows. Have a great week!

  6. Computer troubles are the worst. Yikes! Panthers be careful

    urban hounds

  7. How big is that cat?!!!! I don't think I would want to meet it. I can barely meet up with Allred.
    Looking forward to more Spring time photos.

  8. Sorry about the computer problems - what a nuisance! So do you know what kind of wild cat is scratching the tree like that? I also hope it leaves the calves alone!

  9. I think your one brown cow is terribly handsome. I love a nice cow like that. Actually, I love all the cows. When my aunts cows get their hoofs trimmed, Mama lets me chew on the clippings. That makes cows my favourite!

  10. Hey Hawk! You better be careful if there's a cat THAT big out there!!! We'd be scared to go outside!! We have lots of cows that live across the street from us...most of them are black and white too...but the brown one is kinda cute!! Love your springtime flowers!! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug

  11. Hawk stay away from the scary mystery cat/animal!

  12. such pretty pictures you have here, hawk! i'm not sure what's going on with your blogger account there, but if it means anything to you, i've never had this problem with mine. i hope you get it straightened out--and never run into whatever is messing up those trees!