Monday, April 2, 2012

Highlights from Last Year 2011


Hi Y’all!

Looking back over this past year…

Couple of favorite times are when I get a manicure, brushed, vacuumed and bathed. Below you can see my freshly manicured nails while I lay there getting my tummy vacuumed. 

Getting a bath is not a frequent thing.  Something about the oils that keep my coat waterproof.  I always get one after swimming.  My Human uses a special dog shampoo. 

Below I am in my shower getting my bath.

Wow that warm water feels great!

I’ve learned to sit and patiently wait until given the go ahead to get in my crate when we’re going on a trip.  Love traveling!

Below I wait for my leash and the go ahead to get out.

The Humans have taught me about “hide and seek”, so now it’s difficult to put toys out of my reach.

Of course I have an assortment of feathered friends I “hunt” for my Human to photograph.

Early spring means boating.

Another perk at the shore is getting treats for going out and fetching in the mail.

One of my favorite jobs is helping in the garden.  The big perk here is riding in the golf cart.

Then there was the big gator that hung around all summer.

In the mountains the cattle gather to say hello when I go out to romp with the Humans.

At the shore last spring my Human had me in a down stay and look how close this pair came!

Back in the mountains this pair is always happy to see us.

Below I’m rompin’ at the farm.

In the autumn we always go to the orchard and get apples, potatoes and turnips for our root cellar.  Last year my Human took that opportunity to take me on my first real outing in my head halter. 

Morning walks.

Practicing retrieves at the shore.

Layin’ in my sunbeam.

Lots and lots of beautiful sunsets.

I know, not much mischief here…I tend to forget the bad stuff…but you know what, I’ve heard the Humans say that if I wasn’t so vocal that I’d be the world’s most perfect dog.  

Y’all come back now!





  1. You are such a good boy Hawk1 And what a year you had in 2011! You sure had some great adventures. I love all the pictures. They are beautiful! That's a great picture of the gator!

  2. I have enjoyed looking back with you. MOM is real impressed with you getting the mail. Does it ever come back soggy?

  3. Hey Hawky. I'm assuming you are now able to get back in the bloggy world without the persisting problem in the past.

    How'd your mom teach you to retrieve the mail? It's amazing. I wish I could teach Peanuts to do that. By the way, doesn't the oil in your fur stick on your mom's hands? I was just wondering.

    Huggies and Cheese,


  4. Great photos of a wonderful year.! Thanks for sharing.

    Nina, Myshka, Sasha, Betsy, Lucy, Phoebe and Lily

  5. What a fab year you had buddy - love those pics - and yep, you are perfect!!

    I'm a little confused though - how can you let the scary vacuum get SO close - no way for me!!

    Have another fun year,

    Your pal Snoopy :)

  6. What great pictures. Looks like 2011 was a great year of adventures. Love the golf cart picture. Now that's riding. Oh yeah. We cannot wait to see what 2012 has in store for you. :) ~Weinerful Gang~

  7. Those are 'pawesome' pictures Hawk! I wish I could teach my dogs to get the mail. I'm impressed! You must be really smart :)

  8. You sure have a great life Hawk! Boating and golf cart riding sound fun!

  9. Such a lovely walk down memory lane... I love the photos!