Thursday, April 5, 2012


Hi Y’all,

Today I want to introduce Nutmeg.  She’s estimated to be about a year old.

Poor Nutmeg came from an abusive situation.  She had 2 pups before anyone know she was a girl. 

This beautiful girl, although we’ll probably never know, could well be a Boykin Spaniel, the official dog of South Carolina.  She is the correct size, about 25 lbs., color and appearance. 

Sweet and calm, Nutmeg accepts being petted.  At times she’s afraid to move for fear something bad will happen to her.

Nutmeg is comfortable with children and loves playing with them.  Right now her foster parents are working with her to help her feel confident and loved.  She’s getting lots of socialization. 

If you are quiet and patient you will be rewarded as Nutmeg learns to trust you.  Since she is so shy and could run off to hide if something should frighten her, a fenced yard is required. 

To visit Nutmeg’s Petfinder page click here or on any picture or her name.

Her contact information:

Nutmeg Loving Pet Inn Adoptions, High Point, NC

(336) 393-0000




  1. What a sweet face!! It's so nice of you to put these special pups like Nutmeg on your blog to help them find their way to their forever homes!

  2. What a lovely dog. I hope she finds the wonderful home that she deserves

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  3. Look at sweet Nutmeg. Those eyes tell me that she's still anxious and afraid, but I know some of your TLC will help her a lot. And soon I hope she finds her furever home.

  4. OMG! Nutmeg is absolutely adorable! Those eyes say it all. Someone would be honored to share life with her!

  5. She's quite a beauty! I bet she'll be adopted quickly!

  6. Nutmeg sure is a pretty girl! Keeping all of our paws crossed that she gets a loving family and a forever home real soon!