Friday, April 27, 2012

Fun Friday Question and Answer Time!


Hi Y’all!

Didn’t see y’all there! 

Some of y’all had a few questions, so I’ll attempt to answer them.

Kari, over at Dog is God in Reverse,  asked “is that a super sized hamster water bottle?”

It may be, but the supply store sold it for dog crates.  Since the size crate I use for my room in the house won’t fit it the car, I pretty much fill this crate.  My Human decided it was much better to have one of these on the outside instead of a bucket I could bump on the inside.  When we go on a long trip in warm weather she carries a half gallon or two of spare water to keep my water bottle and bowl filled. 

Thanks for askin’ Kari!  Hope your strep throat is feelin’ better by now.

Alison over at Pawfect days thinks it looks like I’m on a road trip.  2 Brown dawgs also thought I might be off on a trip.

Marquie with Two Collies and a Mutt just asks “Where ya going Hawk? On an adventure I hope”.  Goose over at the Gospel of Goose also hoped I was off on an adventure.

Sophie hoped it was pawsitive!  Don’t worry Sophie it was great! 

Marquie, you were right!  I was going adventuring…of course all trips are adventures…but in this case I was going on a hike.  Hopefully, Alison, and Thunder and Freighter, a road trip will be comin’ along one of these days soon.

Now, Bert, over at Four Legged Views, also known as Bert’s Blog, asked “Was that really a spider in the first picture?”  Evidently the spider upset “my Vickie”…so, because my Human says I’m “well behaved”, if you’d really like to see the picture of the spider click here the spider is on the plant leaf in the second picture.

K-Koira over at My life with flyball dogs wants to know if my snow is all gone now.  I was just asking my Human if this is all we get?  Seems at the higher elevations there was more.  However, this is supposed to be spring and next month brings summer in the southeast.  Since Mother Nature is so confused this year???

I’ll have more snow pictures taken Monday to show y’all tomorrow.  Let y’all see what the higher elevations looked like.

Y’all come back now.






  1. Great Q & A! I can't believe I did not notice that spider before! I think that water bottle on your crate is a great idea! Have a great weekend!

  2. Great Q&A. A hike sounds like such fun. Beautiful pictures of you today Hawk. You are lucky to be able to play in snow (even if it is just a bit of snow).

  3. What a great Q&A session!!! I really like the water bottle! It must make it a lot easier for traveling!

  4. Fridays would not be complete without Q&A. Have a wonderful weekend Hawk. I'm off to the vet to see what is wrong with my leg.

  5. Yes the strep is much better! We had a bottle like that for when we flew Baily and Mesa down from AK and the store called them giant hamster bottles :)

    Stop on by for a visit

  6. I like the water bottle idea on the crate. Great Q&A and have a happy happy weekend. :)

  7. If someone were to ask me, Wouldn't you love the life of Riley? - I would say, I'd prefer the life of Hawk, please. Love your pictures as always, and you sure do have a good time!

  8. Your pictures are awesome Hawk! We really like the snow...but it is crazy that you have snow and it is like 90 degrees here :) We have been swimming in the swimming pool trying to stay cool! Have a great weekend!

    Wags and Woofs,
    Shiloh, Scout, Teddy and Ash
    ~from Dogs N Pawz

  9. You go on lots of great hikes Hawk!!! Thanks for the great Q and A session!! Love that water bottle!! xoxo Chloe and LadyBug