Friday, March 25, 2011

Friday’s Fun Facts - Answers to Y’alls Questions


Hi Y’all,

Time to catch up on some questions y’all have posted in comments.  I enjoy reading y’alls comments and it is only polite to try to answer questions. 

Dog is God in Reverse (here) asked if these steps

lead anywhere.  No, they don’t.  There is a pump, out for repair in this picture, that sits by the post to the left rear of me.  Usually these steps sit over top of it.  When the water is high, the steps can be used to get in the boat.  Usually, they just sit over top of the pump. 

The second thing Dog is God in Reverse asked was if we watched the Ohio State Buckeyes.  My Humans try to catch all the games, they spend longer watching a close game. (Papa rules with the clicker.  Momma says it’s a guy thing.)  Tonight though, they play my Human Momma’s alma mater, so… may the best team win!  Kentucky is a young team and are prone to make mistakes and play very inconsistently.  Momma has been pleasantly surprised they’ve gotten this far. 

Sage,(here) do y’all mean a recall like this?

Sage asked if he could do “stand stay in between his attempts to do a reliable recall.  Remember Sage, you have to practice, practice, practice, practice…you have to get to your Human before you can do the stand stay.  BOL Winking smile

Paw City Times (here) said that Darby (Doodlebug) has numbers 2, 3 & 5 of the “things about me” I posted in my Award post, in common with me. 

Darby knows the word “soft” for taking treats.  I know the word “gentle” and it works under normal circumstances.  However, when Momma is doing the click treat and we’re learning something new, or brushing up on something, I get so excited I forget!

Finally, Tanner’s and Oliver’s Human (here) asked if we’d give some tips and techniques on how we get our pictures…stop back tomorrow and we’ll show you some new shots and some oops!


  1. Oh, I'm looking forward to the photo tips!

  2. I love when you answer questions. We get to know you and your people better.
    Have a fabulous Friday.

  3. Well Ohio State is my alma mater so I know we will be watching :) Thanks for answering!


  4. My brother-in-law loves Ohio State (his mom played basketball there waaaay back in the day)! It's fun getting to see the answers to all of these questions!

    Here's a question for you--since you're so well behaved and well trained, would you ever want to take the therapy dog test and get certified as a therapy dog? Just wondering.

    Elyse and Riley

  5. It's O.K. to be a little excited sometimes, Hawk. Happens to the best of us :)