Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saturday Special

Hi Y’all,

It’s Saturday…but I guess y’all figured that out all ready. 

So, I’ll share some sights I saw yesterday. Like these beautiful Wood Ducks.


This beautiful Great Blue Heron is dressed in his finest courting finery.


This is the same spot we found the Egret the other morning.  This inlet comes up into our lawn and has a small (shrinking) island in the center.  Fish breed here and the wading birds love to fish from the island and around the waters edges. 

Speaking of waters edges, the winds were blowing small waves into the cypress knees.

Then I have to share the greening of the spring for those of you still suffering in the winter’s cold. 

And signs of spring wouldn’t be complete without more blossoms. 








Well, I guess I’ll go check on that over there. 

‘Til tomorrow y’all enjoy checkin’ out these other blogs on the Saturday Blog Hop!

Y’all come back now!



  1. Wow, actual blossoms. I guess spring really has arrived in the U.S. Now we just have to wait for it to get to our neighborhood.

    Thanks for sharing, Hawk.

  2. Hello Hawk....always enjoy the photography on your site. Maybe you'll give tips or techniques some day?

    Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment. We all have to take care of our parks so we get to keep them. Dogs need place to run, play and explore.

  3. Hawk is a stunning Chessie (and so are your photos). Happy blog hopping.

  4. Oh Hawk! You live in such a beautiful place. Well, 'cept for the 'gators :-)

  5. So that is what water, green plants & blossoms look like ... we had forgotten! ;)

    We still have several feet of snow on the ground and our lakes are still ice blocks!

    Thinking Spring ...

  6. Pretty photos. Isn't it great to see some blossoms here and there!?! Come on springtime!

  7. Good day y'all,
    Tis I, Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star. My oh my, such a pretty place and such pretty pictures. Maketh me realise, that soon, very soon, here in my lil' ol' home of England, that spring and all its wondrous beauty, shall bask us in a glowing renewal.
    Have a super weekend.
    Pawsitive and pawesome wishes, Penny :)

  8. I love all of your nature shots... so many wonderful things to look at!