Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patrick’s Day - Paws for Japan



Hi Y’all!

It’s St. Patrick’s Day and since I don’t like playing “dress up”, the greening of the countryside will have to do! 

Today instead of our usual adoption post, we are focusing our paw power on the injured, frightened and homeless pets in Japan.  Unless you are a bear living under a rock, or a ground hog hiding in  your den until spring arrives, you must know about the tragic loss of life and home in Japan from natural disaster.  Our kind have been separated from our Humans, many of whom are dead or injured.  Many of us are injured.  Nothing looks the same since the disaster destroyed the surroundings as anything recognizable.  On the news I heard 70,000 homes were wiped out. 

World Vets (Here) has veterinary volunteers who go into disaster areas to assess and give veterinary assistance and treatment to animals in need.  There are updates posted on their site. 


  1. A furry Happy Saint Patrick's Day to you :)
    And I feel soo sorry fur all those people and such over in Japan.


  2. Woof! Woof! Happy St Pat's Day. Continue to send my Golden prayers n thoughts to the Japan tsunami victims. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  3. I had a little different way to wear my green, but yours is pretty awesome! We are doing what we can in our house for our furry animals in Japan too!!

  4. I love the green leaves! Thanks for sharing.

    The situation in Japan is incomprehensible to me. Such terrible tragedy.