Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Petfinder Adopt the Internet Allstars


Hi Y’all,

Today we are joining Petfinder again to celebrate their 15th anniversary.  Since I could find no dogs listed in my immediate area and I am a retriever, I decided to feature this handsome chocolate Lab! 

What a great find if you want a hunting companion or you are active and want an active companion. 

Koo is an adoptable dog in Howell, MI at Last Chance Rescue. 


Koo is the chocolate dog on the right.  He is housetrained and up to date on all shots. 

He weighs in at about 65 to 70 lbs.  He is 1.5 years of age. 

Like me, he can only have the really tough stuff, like nyla bones.  He will destroy every toy you give him. 

However, he won’t destroy children’s toys or shoes left lying about.  He likes most other dogs and children. 

HIs foster mom thinks he’s do well in agility training.  He loves swimming, catching his ball in the air.  The commands he knows are sit, down, come, off , high five, and stay.  His foster mom says he doesn’t always listen.  (I think clicker training might just help him a lot with the listening part.) 

Now to tell you something funny about Koo.  He stays in his crate during the day, but at night he likes to sleep under the bed.  He also likes to put his head on the bed and stare at you while you sleep.  (That’s what I do when I want my Human to get up). 

Koo found the flash a little bright!








Now doesn’t Koo look  like the perfect hunting companion here?

Koo’s foster mom, Janice, requests that inquiries regarding his adoption be send via email.  You can contact her at


Click on Koo’s name or picture or HERE to access his Petfinder page

Perhaps you’d prefer a big yellow lab?  Meet Ozzie

He is a 5 year old yellow lab. Trained to field hunt, he was taken from his owner by animal control. He and  2 other friends were being starved; according to the owner there was no money to buy food for the dogs.

Ozzie only weighed 38 pounds, now he is up to 62 pounds. He was primarily an outdoor dog, but now that he is living indoors he loves it.

He needs lots of work on how to behave indoors.  He uses the doggie  door, but is still learning about house training. 

Ozzie walks great on a leash and knows some obedience commands.  A perfect candidate for clicker training.

He is presently eating four meals a day. He would do best as an only dog and no cats. This dog has great potential.

He is current with all vaccines, and on heartworm preventative. The adoption fee is $125.00.  To access his Petfinder page click HERE.  For more information please email Foster mom Janice  gladllcatnetzero.net

Thanks y’all, for stoppin’ to visit,

Hawk aka BrownDog


  1. Awwwww! I love big chocolate guys! Oh and yellow ones too-considering I have one of my own. :)
    Thanks for sharing these two. I would love to do agility with our chocolate friend, but Mr. K isn't going to let me have six dogs. :)
    I will repost in the hopes of finding these two a forever home.

  2. I hope that those two wonderful labs find perfect homes. We shall add a third dog some day but not yet... Thanks for posting for them.

  3. They are beautiful. Sending them good home-finding vibes :-)

  4. THose are two beautiful doggies! So sad about the guy who was starving his dog because there was no money to buy food. Our Mama says she would share HER food with us or else find SOME way to feed us!
    Anyway they are both beautiful and we hope they find great homes.

    P.S. Today is the last day to enter and pick your prizes for our raffle to raise money for Apollo!

  5. Great post for Adopt the Internet! That's funny that Koo likes to sleep under the bed. Bella used to do that too - but now our bed is too low to the ground, so we compromised and made her a cave (aka covered the bench at the end of the bed with a blanket so it's like being under the bed). :)