Sunday, March 13, 2011



Hi Y’all,

It’s Sunday, so I’m hoping the Humans will do something special and include me. 

My Human was so happy to see this pair of Canadian visitors on the lawn.  They passed through the last couple of years.  Some geese have distinctive markings and are easily recognized.  This one is banded. It’s also wearing a neck collar.  I’m always sorry to see the collar because when they arrive in cold climates a problem with icing of the collars has been reported.  Icing causes death.

These beautiful birds mate for life.  Another interesting fact is that the female is the larger bird. 

Okay now! Let’s get playin’!     









  1. WE are pretty sure it is a law that dogs are included in Sunday activities. Just saying.

  2. Sunday = Funday, so PLAY BALL!! That's my thoughts on the subject anyhow.....

  3. Did you also know that Canadian Geese can break a human's arm with just one wing? Powerful birds.
    I thought that you had some of my relatives on your front lawn when you said you had Canadian visitors, but I am definitely not part goose. :)
    Happy Sunday

  4. Hi Hawk! Hope you had a fun Sunday!! We did :-)

  5. Great interesting that they mate for life. I bet Hawk was excited to have such beautiful visitors!

  6. So a little part of my world came to visit you huh!! I had not heard about the bands icing. Very uncomfortable I would think :(

    Sundays are FAMILY day - pets included!

  7. Wow, cool facts about Canadian geese! It sounds like it's a good thing that weren't interested in your tennis ball barbell because they probably could've strong-armed you for it.

    Hope you had a fun Sunday!

  8. We have the geese that look just like them but never go anywhere anymore. They poop as much as a small dog - just sayin' ...

    The neighborhood does a lot to keep them from having babies but we kind of like the cute little goslings and watching the families grow up so we don't report their nests. What's a little more poop between friends?