Friday, March 18, 2011

It’s BACK!!!!


Hi Y’all,

You may have noticed that this week I have not been getting my posts posted in a timely manner.  It’s because my Human is under the pollen.  Yes, buried in pollen! 

To top things off, she and Papa had to go into the city Wednesday morning.  Momma got a migraine and when she got home a second one started.  She ended up freezing cold and under piles of blankets in bed.  I had to spend the rest of the day nursing her. 

Thanks to my great nursing skills, she’s feeling better today…although the pollen continues to plague us all. 

The world here is no longer green, it’s yellow.  The water is yellow too.  The vehicles are yellow.  Even the tires are yellow, yes, even where they meet the road. 

The dogwoods are starting to bloom and the wisteria is blooming.  But what I want to share with y’all is not a flower picture, but this!


At sunrise the mist was just starting to rise from the water and there, around the point, was a fog cloud rolling. 

Thank Heaven the Humans have switched from heat to air conditioning.  Tomorrow and the next day are supposed to be in the high 80’s or 90’s Fahrenheit (that’s about 30 or 33 Celsius). 

Until tomorrow. 









  1. What a wonderful nurse you must be taking care of Mommy like that. Hope Mommy is feeling better real soon.

    Love the picture! Very cool!

  2. Hawk you sound like a great guy; even bringing Mom her slippers. :) Has your Mom ever tried putting heat on her feet when she feels her migraines coming on? Sometimes the heat will help open up the blood vessels in her feet, drawing the blood away from her head and hopefully reducing her pain.

  3. Hey Hawk,
    What a kind and caring dawg y'all are. Did you know that the Dogwood tree is the symbol for the Province of British Columbia? Well, that's what my human told me.
    Have a pawsitive and pawsome weekend.
    Cuddles from Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet star :)

  4. Yowzie, it's getting hot there! I hate it when we turn yellow too, but it's good you are such a good nurse! We hope your Mom is up and at it soon!!

  5. What a wonderful guy you are Hawk! Our dad gets cluster headaches. He gets real cold, too. We'll suggest the heating pad trick that Jess and Glacier told about. Hope ya'll don't completely turn yellow!!

  6. Hawk how is it I imagined you'd be the best nurse EVER! Love the misty lake photo - you live in a mighty breathtaking piece of heaven!

  7. YOu must be a great nurse! How does it feel to be so hot all of the sudden? Where we live, it is JUST STARTING to warm up. Yesterday it was 65! :)

  8. The pollen has been a bit of a nightmare here in California, too. Since I live in an area with a lot of agriculture, there's something blooming out there to suit everyone's sinuses. Hope your mom gets herself back on track soon, so you can head out and get some, pollen dust in your fur.

  9. My heart goes out to your human. Migraines are the worst...I deal with them too. :(

    Thanks so much for your suggestion on acupuncture. Another of our blog friends suggested that and we will most certainly keep that in mind. We'd be willing to try anything to help Gus get better!

    P.S. Gorgeous photo!!

  10. Oh, the pollen... it's getting me too! I cannot stop sneezing...