Friday, March 11, 2011

Fun Friday Preempted


Hi Y’all,

I had to edit this post to reflect the terrible news from Japan.  My Human tells me we have readers from that country, too. 

The strongest earth quake EVER recorded has struck this beautiful country.  It has caused a massive tsunami. Presently the death, destruction and injury are impossible to assess.

Our Humans are saying prayers for the people of Japan and I’m hoping all my pawed friends will join in the “power of the paw”. 

Remember, besides all the Human casualty, there is destruction of farms and helpless animals too.  We are so sorry and send our deepest sympathy to everyone there. 

We know the aftershocks continue there and we’ll continue to offer our prayers and paw power. 

Thanks y’all for the crossed paws!  We’re getting’ some rain!  It came last night just after dark and has been alternating between mist and hard downpours.  In between the winds blow with a vengeance.

I’m going to address some of y’alls questions.  First Daley’s Dog Years (here) asked what camera the Humans use. Most of the pictures are taken with an Olympus Camedia C-60 (here for more info).  It’s an older camera with a metal body.  It’s in Olympus archived products and may no longer be available. 

Some of the more recent photos are taken with a Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ40 (here).  It has a much more powerful zoom without getting into the SLR.  Sometimes these cameras are referred to as a “superzoom”.

This picture of an eagle in the front yard was taken with the Olympus.

This next photo of the Canadian Goose was taken at about the same distance, but with the  Panasonic Lumix FZ40. 








Romping and Rolling in the Rockies (here) doesn’t like alligators.  They asked if it’s too dangerous for me to swim.  These critters have been reported to attack dogs, especially small dogs.  However, I still go swimming. 

My Human usually wades part way out when I swim.  It’s been years since a Human was attacked.  As I posted previously, when the ‘gators get too large, the DNR kills them.  There are swamps where large numbers of them congregate, but usually where I swim we do not have a dangerous number.  If my Human sees several of them around, sunning themselves, I’m not allowed in the water. 

Here’s a ‘gator sunning itself. 

The picture below is of me swimming.




The (mis)Adventures of  Sage (here) asked if small ‘gators become BIG ones.  Yes, Sage they do.  That’s why my Human spends so much time practicing “leave it” and recall on my name. 

Dog is God in Reverse (here) asks if I get to help dig up weeds.  No, my Human doesn’t let me dig, period.  Actually, I’m not a digger. 

Y’all come back now,

Hawk aka BrownDog


  1. I never realized you lived in gator country. It freaks me out just seeing pictures of them!! You all are much braver than I. I'll take running into our little woodland creatures any day! Glad you always stay safe. Good to know your humans got you covered.

  2. Hehe--glad to know those gators get big. My Mom & Dad are Gators, but I think that means something else......

  3. All 20 paws and human crossable parts are crossed as well.
    I agree with your Mom. "Leave it" and "come when called" are probably the most important cues out there.

  4. Thanks for posting that camera info, Hawkeye, and those photo comparisons.

    I really appreciated your message to the people and animals of Japan. I join you in extending sympathy and positive wishes to all the survivors.

    -Chandra at Daley's Dog Years