Sunday, March 20, 2011

Pollen Peaks


Hi Y’all,

Carrie, with Tanner and Oliver couldn’t tell if it was a golf cart in which I was riding.  So y’all, here is a picture of me on the move!

Sorry Parker and Skye, but the golf cart stops if you try to chase it. Then I get reprimanded and have to go in the houseCrying face. Y’all are always welcome to come ride with us. 


That is the wisteria I am admiring.  It grows wild here and becomes invasive.  There are areas where jasmine and wisteria cover entire stands of trees and beautify the trees lining the highways. 

Right now the pollen is at its peak, rolling across the landscape like fog. 


pollen at the breakwater in inlet

This is pollen on the water in the boat inlet.  Below is pollen on the water along the shore line. 

      pollen on the water

Stay tuned to more exciting inside info about me and updates on spring.  In the meantime, enjoy the March Madness!  May your favorite team win! 



  1. Everything is covered in powdery goodness too. I have never seen spring like this before. Glacier loves golf cart rides-he'd love to go with you. :)
    Have a great Sunday

  2. How cool that you get to ride a golf cart :)


  3. We haven't been hit with the pollen YET, but I know it's coming....

    The wisteria is lovely-too bad it's becoming so invasive.

  4. Telling us about the golf club ride was nice, but you left something off.

    What was your score? Did you break 100?

    Mogley G. Retriever

  5. Hi Hawk! Happy Sunday, buddy. Rain, rain, rain here. Oh well. Keeps things green longer! You live in a beautiful spot!!

  6. Oh my! I'll make sure Parker and Skye know the rules before they meet their first golf cart. It sure looks like fun!

  7. Wow, that photo of you gazing at the wisteria is beautiful! Happy Sunday!