Monday, March 14, 2011


Hi Y’all,

Yesterday was Sunday and indeed it was a Funday!

At first I didn’t think it was going to be a good day.  My Human didn’t really want to get out of bed, which is very, very unusual for her ‘cause she’s a morning person.

Finally she got up and we went for a walk in the dark of the morning.  The frogs were singing loudly, but the first birds weren’t yet joining them in song.  When we went inside I was surprised when I got an early breakfast!

When I went to check, my Human was back in bed sound asleep!  This was not the way I wanted my day to start!  She slept for two whole hours before my cold wet nose had the desired effect.

Once she was up and dressed though, things started to change.  She and Papa had fruit with homemade bread and coffee, then we went for a walk. 

There are several dogs that sometimes come into the yard by wading along the waterfront or swimming across the inlet.  Awhile back there was a dead swamp rat laying in the yard, which we attributed to them.  My Human told me to “leave it” so I ignored it.  Then the Humans made it disappear.  Yesterday, when I went into my potty spot I found another dead swamp rat .  My Human called me, so I took my prize, knowing full well Momma wasn’t goin’ to be happy when she saw what I had, and slunk slowly toward her. 

Momma said, “Hawk, what do you have?”  I dropped my head even lower.  But then Momma barked “Drop IT”. 

Now that was a command I hadn’t heard in awhile.  Obediently, I dropped my prize.  My Human called me away, then Papa went and disposed of my prize. 

Momma was very worried that I might have picked up something that could make me ill, so she watched me closely, all day.  Guess she’ll watch me today too.

After that I still got to go to my favorite place along the river.  We all walked and I got to run and romp and explore.  My Humans never said a word or called me in once.  I had to be on my best behavior after my earlier misadventure. 

When we finally got back home I was ready for some serious sleeping.  I didn’t even care that the Humans would leave for church.

In the afternoon I was laying by the windows, sunning myself, when I spied strange children running down alongside the inlet in our yard.  Papa went out to check on the trespassers.  It seems that their folks had gotten their boat stuck at the mouth of the inlet.  I’m not sure what the kids thought they were going to do, but they left and eventually the boat pushed loose and left too. 

I was then allowed outside and got a ride in the golf cart.

Sigh, then I was ready for another BIG nap before supper!                                                                               

See y’all tomorrow!

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  1. Sounds like you had a busy Sunday Hawk. Glad we don't have swamp rats around here! Brown dawgs seem to find all kinds of things in the great outdoors.

  2. That was quite an adventurous day, Hawk! You couldn't sneak in a good roll on that dead critter?

  3. Hi Hawk! That' sounds neat. I wish I could find a dead squirrel. Mama won't let me out right now. A raccoon chased her into the house from the car. We live in the city Hawk! What was that raccoon doing on the sidewalk. Anyway, I'm beside myself in this house. I'm barking, and barking and barking, and barking... I want to get it! I wish you were here... we'd get it!

    Your Pal,

  4. What a fun Sunday! Since we're not retrievers, we, especially Ruby, would have rolled all over those dead swamp rats!!! MMMM L'eau de Swamp Rat!! Sounds divine. And a scent we don't have in our more arid climate. She usually wears L'eau de ground squirrel or L'eau de O'possem. Delightful!

  5. Did your human have trouble with daylight savings too?


  6. Sometimes we strange human creatures need a little sleep in. :) We also need to be reminded to change our clocks: at least this one does.
    I'm glad you had a fantastic Sunday. I think I and my furry family would love to live where you do. :)
    Happy Monday

  7. Eeeeeeewwwwww, dead swamp rat Hawk?! Reallllllyyyy?! YUCK. Give me' a nice steak anytime.

  8. A dead swamp rat sounds pretty gross to me too.... but I bet that my dogs would love it. I'm glad that you seem to be OK. Thanks for being so good and dropping it.

  9. Jeepers, Hawk, you sound just like my pets. "Hey, whatcha doing still looking sleepy? Why aren't we running around having fun? Why's breakfast early? Why are you so cranky?"

    Promise we'll get better as we get settled in :)