Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Bears and play time

Hi Y’all, Hi Y'all! Wanna play?

Opie asked about the bears, so first I’ll answer his question. (If you haven’t met him yet, click his name, Opie)

The papa bears are much bigger than momma bears.


They can be 3–3' 5" and 4' 6"–6' 2" long and weigh 203–587 lbs.  Here in the southeast we have black bears.  A neighbor took a picture of a Momma bear and 2 cubs living on the ridge above our house, but their territory is between 10 and 15 square miles.  Also their nose is 100 times more sensitive than ours. 

At my shore home we have alligators. 


My Humans are very strict about "no chasing". 

“Leave it” is a command we practice almost everyday ‘cause at the shore we have water moccasins and copperhead snakes.  In the mountains we have rattle snakes and copperheads.  A fellow has to be careful where he sticks his nose. 

I have a little ground squirrel that runs along the bulkhead in my yard and back to his den in the rocks behind the mountain house.  Y’all might know them as chipmunks.  My Humans put seeds and rice out for the birds and ground squirrel.  Have to be careful what food is put out, or bring it in before dark, ‘cause of the bears. 

Yesterday my Human Papa and I played in the yard. Posing with octopus ball  I move so fast I’m just a blur Constant movement 

E and Hawkeye  Hawkeye and E  Hawk and E  E and Hawkeye  Hawkeye after the ball

Away we go!  Missed! Overrun!  Yeah!  Let's go in.  Back in action!


  1. The mama bears are the ones to be super cautious of!


  2. Ah, yes, our buddies the bears. The weirdest encounter we had was when a bear ran into the hu-dad's jeep. Dad was driving up to our house and saw the bear running in the woods. Dad stopped the Jeep so he would not hit the bear, but the bear ran into the side of the Jeep. Bear shook his head, glared at the hu-dad, and kept running.


  3. We have lots of bears too! In fact, I found a bear den with three bears (mom and 2 cubs) sleeping in it last winter. I posted a few of the best photos that my wildlife camera captured last Wednesday.

    But, with bears, lions (here), and alligators (there), we agree about "leave it" and the recall. A dog can't be safely off-leash without being good at those things!

    You are a very handsome dog. Almost as handsome as a chocolate lab (just kidding!).

  4. Bears and gators oh my!!

    I know "leave it" but mom usually uses it for things like dead squirrels, her underptants or shoes. Boo!!