Friday, November 5, 2010

It’s Raining, It’s Snowing!

Hi Y’all!

Like I said…yesterday was a very, very busy day.  Mostly for the Humans; but I was along for the ride!

First let me go back to Wednesday.  The winds off the water let up, but rain and mist gave on limited chance for outdoor activity.  Leave it to the Humans to find time to do stuff.  Like trimming shrubs.  Here I sit in my golf cart supervising what they are doing.     

Then yesterday morning the Humans got me up at 4 am to eat and get a last run around my yard, although it was pitch black and drizzling.  The temperature was 66 degrees Fahrenheit.  We were quickly on the road.  First we drove through mist, then as we got further north and turned west, the rains came in earnest.  The temperatures were in the low 50’s.  At times Momma said she knew that there was a tractor trailer in front of her, but most the time it was invisible in the rain and road mist.  We stopped so I could stretch my legs before we hit the heavy rain. 

Finally the Humans reached their destination and parked the car in a parking garage.  I had no desire to get out in the horrible weather, so I hunkered down and waited for them to return.  After awhile they came back and we were off again.

The rain stopped as we continued west, so we stopped again and I got to stretch my legs.  The grass was soaked and there were huge puddles from the heavy rains.  Temperatures were lower. 

Then we hit more rain and drove all the way up the mountains in alternating pouring rain or drizzle.  When we reached the mountain house the temperature was only 44 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Last night the temperature dropped to just above freezing and the rain turned to sleet.  The heavy salt trucks woke my weary Human Momma this morning.  In the dark we went out to the root cellar and Momma gathered potatoes and apples for breakfast while I stood guard.  I helped by carrying a basket back to the house.  I went back to napping while Momma fixed breakfast. 

We went out again after daylight and this is what we saw.  Across the valley the sun decided to have a fight with the wintery mix.


The next thing I know the Humans decided to head to the farm.  I was excited.  Then they started outside and it was sleeting, pouring snow and rain. Sigh! 

The snow isn’t laying this low, but it should be pretty when the clouds lift.  I hope Momma can get some pictures of the higher elevations before the sun hits and melts everything. Right now its still snowin’ and you can’t even see the mountains.

Y’all come back now!




  1. you look very at home in the golf cart!


  2. Say goodby to the pretty leaves. While water is not fun when it is coming down on the highway, think of all the puddles you will have to run in. The mud will be excellent! If you can sneak away and roll in it, won't the humans be surprised?

    Mogley G. Retriever