Monday, November 1, 2010



Hi Y’all! 

Let me tell you, my Human Momma doesn’t do scary very well!  I’m laying there asleep the morning after Halloween….and Momma ‘d been readin’ all those scary stories y’all been postin’…Suddenly Momma leaps from the bed and dashes right by me and starts turnin’ on lights and outdoor floodlights floodlights…She runs across to the other side of the house…I open one eye and wonder “what the hey?”  Momma turns and sees me watchin’ her with one eye.  She turns off all the lights she’s turned on and apologizes for waken me, then goes back to bed. She was lookin’ a might pale and shaky.  

I had to wait ‘til Sunday mornin’ when she told Papa what happened. First she asks Papa if he’d heard a loud bangin’ and me givin’ my “serious bark” last night (Halloween night).  Papa said he hadn’t heard anything, she must have been dreamin’.  Momma said she thought she heard something bangin’ loudly and then me barkin’ very serious.  When she got to the other side of the house and didn’t see me…gee whiz!  she walked right past me, since I asleep just outside the bedroom door…she almost yelled for Papa to wake up and bring his gun…she was thinkin’ somebody ‘d broken in and killed me. Then she turned and saw me watchin’ her with one eye open, one closed and figured all was well. 

Next Halloween I can’t let her read any of y’all’s blogs!

I hope tomorrow to be able to post some pictures of my weekend.

Y’all come back now! 


  1. sorry about all the lights. Nothing scary happened at our house


  2. I hope it was not our blog that scared her. We only pointed out that candy can cause cavitys. Maybe she is terrified of Dentists?

    Mogley G. Retriever

  3. Wow! Maybe she was sleep walking? Mom does that sometimes. I have to put the bitey on her but and herd her back to bed!!! Peoples do weird stuff in their sleeps!

  4. Yikes, sounds a little frightening. I am so not good with noises in the night. I'm glad you were around to reassure her.