Sunday, November 7, 2010

A Day of Rest

Hi y'all!Hi Y’all, 

Yesterday was Sunday, a day of rest.  I didn’t do much and neither did the Humans. 

Saturday was an interestin’ day.  The Humans thought it was clearing and we could go to the farm…

Mother Nature is full of surprises. 

  Hmmm, not much snow. Cold and damp on the feet.

Cold on the feet. 

Last roses of summer struggle to survive. Roses kissed with snow 

In dawns early light the sun battles with the snow filled clouds.  Clouds boil in the gapSnow clouds move along the ridge  The sun seemed to be winning.   Snow highlighted in distance  Snow clouds dust ridges Sun fights with snow clouds The clouds seem to be receding and the sun kisses an opposite peak  Morning sun kisses the first peak The entire ridge is lit. Sun highlights ridge as snow clouds boil  Blue sky in the gap. Is the sun winning? Yes! It’s clearing! 

Hmmm…this doesn’t look good. Hardwoods cling to their leaves as snow clouds compete with the morning sun. The snow is consuming the mountain tops as the sun gallantly does battle.  peaks disappear into snow clouds  There’s still hope.  There’s blue sky above, but the higher peaks are now invisible.  Snow winning over sun Things are not looking promising. Snow, sun and clouds Is the sunshine paler?  Where’s the mountain tops?  The sky is turning grey Is this the end of my hope of a hike?  Snow, sun and clouds  Oh no!  Our weather usually comes through this gap…not looking exactly sunny and warm is it?

The morning dims  Although there are a couple of spots of sun and a tiny speck of blue sky.  But there is also snow in the gap.  And looking back toward Cooktown the snow is moving down.

Snow in Cooktown and above  Where's the blue sky going?  Where’s the blue sky going?  The snow won. 

The snow won!

  Only the bare outline of part of a mtn is still visible


  1. You need to have a talk with your humans. They keep taking photos that you are not in. They are pretty, but think how much better they would be if you were sitting on a tree limb or if you were laying in the pretty leaves.

    Mogley G. Retriever

  2. Yup I really am going to come visit there sometime


  3. Hi Y'all...Thanks for stoppin' Mogley...

    I'd have trouble sittin' on a limb...especially since I weigh 100 lbs. VBG

    I was just standin' there beside Momma lookin' at the snow comin'. She got a pic of the snow and sleet on my back. :)

    Kari, y'all just take a trip through the eastern US mountains. Anywhere you go y'all will love it! It's nicest in the spring and fall, but summer is rarely hot, unless you consider 80 degrees hot.

    Y'all come back now.
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  4. Wow! Snows!!! That's so cool!!

    I remember how the mountains in NC would go from sunny to cloudy in like no time. It was so weird, but cool! Wishes I was up there with you!!