Friday, November 12, 2010

Thursday was Veterans Day

Hi Y’all,

Thank you for your prayers and crossed paws for the young logger and his family. 

Thursday was Veterans Day and we made our usual rounds of the cemeteries.  My Human Momma took a few pictures on this trip.  Here’s one of our WWII vets killed in battle. WW II Vet                

I got to check out this entire cemetery.  Checkin' out the cemetery  Here I check out some flowers. Heck!  They aren't real!  Poo!  they aren’t real! 

Then I found these interesting tombstones, side by side, parents and son.  First the son’s tombstone. Cememtery   Then here is his parents’ marker. she was only 56  His dad lived to be 100 years old, but died when he was only 19.  His mom died at only at only 56 when he was 16.  

I continued to search the cemetery to find other interesting things.  Still at the cemetery And look what I found!  Every retrievers dream! A pond!  Lookin' at the pond below the cemetary.   

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  1. We love exploring old cemeteries because of all of the stories that you can find.

  2. That was a most interesting cemetery! And I hope you got to check out that pond afterwards. I sure would have.......

  3. We agree, we love old cemetaries too! We found one that goes back to the 1800's. It's really cool. So did you ever take a dip in the pond???

  4. What an interesting cemetery! There's one near where we go camping that has a Civil War section. It's amazing to see the dates, but so sad to see how young a lot of the people were. A good portion of them are younger than me, which freaks me out.

    Also, I love the description of your recall! That's one of my favorite parts of obedience with Layla, because I love seeing her happy face running full speed at me.

  5. Thank you for sharing your cemetary with us. I love visiting places like that as they are so full of history. Your photos are very pretty.

  6. Beautiful cemetery photos. Glad Hawkeye found a pond to splash in!

  7. Interesting stories at the cemetery. Thanks for stopping by!

    Elyse and Riley