Monday, November 22, 2010

A Week to be Thankful

Hi Y’all,

As I romped circles around my Humans today during our morning walk I overheard them talking about how lucky I was to be able to go on long walks with them and to be able to run free.  When we got back home I started thinkin’ about all the dogs who not only didn’t have my freedoms, but didn’t have a forever home either.  I can’t imagine going into this special season without a forever home and my own lovin’ family.

So today I want to introduce you to another special Chessie fella name Jessie.  You can find him on  The first time Jessie came to Rescue was in 2005.  He was such a nice fella he easily found what he thought was his forever home. 

However, his Human passed away earlier this month and Jessie finds himself back in rescue.    Look at those sad eyes…all they need is love. 

Jessie is very gentle and gets along very well with the resident female Australian Shepard. Jessie is definitely a house dog. An outside only home will not be considered for him. He is a very devoted dog and just wants to be with people.

Although Jessie has been very good with the children he has met, he will not be placed in a home with small children due to his size. His tail can easily send a toddler flying. Please visit for more...  

Hope everyone will be able to share Thanksgiving with their friends and family and especially with us furry pawed critters who care so much about you. 


  1. We will pray for Jessie to find a forever home.
    Best wishes for Thanksgiving.
    Bella and Ollie

  2. I really wish more of these wonderful dogs would find homes


  3. That is a really sad story. Poor Jessie, he must feel very lost. I hope he finds a new home soon and it remains a safe place for him for the rest of his life.

    We all should be thankful for the wonderful things we have. You never know when they could disappear.