Friday, November 19, 2010

Super Saturday

Hawkeye  Mornin’ Y’all! 

Yipee!!  ROO!! ROO!!! My Humans are making up for the bad weather and Human “stuff” that kept me collarless for much of the week.  We’re off for a long hike and run and maybe to do some explorin’ too! 

See Y’all later!!!  Y’all come back now!!!

And now it’s time for the Saturday Blog Hop! 

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  1. Have a fun hike and can't wait for the pics!

  2. Thanks for dropping by. Sorry for not visiting sooner. The older I get it seems the days are going by faster and I just can't keep up! I wish I had Erin's Energy! Have a Great Weekend!
    Erin & Mom

  3. Have an awesome hike! We have already done two today.

  4. Happy Saturday to you! Hope you had a nice hike!!

  5. Stopping by to say and happy soon-to-be Thanksgiving! :)