Thursday, November 18, 2010

Fun Friday again…

Hawkeye on walk  Hi Y’all!!

So glad y’all could stop by today!  

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It’s been pretty much a “no collar” week with several days of rain and a couple days the Humans have had to do “ people stuff”.  However, earlier in the week my Human Momma and I got to explore a new trail.  We tried earlier when the leaves were all green but a large downed tree overgrown with briars stopped us.  Momma thought that now the leaves were gone we could pick our way around the downed tree and explore the rest of the trail.  The following are some pictures until Momma had to put her camera away when we reached the bog.  After the bog the trail went pretty much straight up and Momma needed both hands to grab saplings, tree trunks, rocks, even my collar to help her get to the top. 

The trail is narrowing.Moving on through the open part of the trail.

Waiting on Momma

Takin' the low road  In this next picture the trail is pretty much overgrown with saplings. Disappearing into the undergrowth You can see my red collar way to the left of the picture.  Climbin' over logs A good part of the way we were just climbing over logs.  rough goin'  Lot's of downed timber  Hmmm.  Fence.  Hopefully, we can follow the fence the rest of the way. Checkin a new trail Comin' back to help Momma  Finally we reach the ridge and head on back home by an easier trail.  Reachin' the top No one can blame me to sleepin’ in tomorrow.  Glad to be headin' back (Actually it poured rain the next day.) 

There’s not much view from the lower trail. View from the lower trail. 

Hope y’all have a great weekend!

Y’all come back now! 

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  1. Its always a shame when people stuff gets in the way