Thursday, November 11, 2010

Thursday’s Rebel

Photobucket  Hi!  I’m Rebel!  I need a home! 

I want a caring family that can give me lots of TLC. 

I’m only 5 yrs old.  I’m crate trained, wonderful on & off leash and ride great in the car. I go with my foster mom to Lowes all the time & stay right with her, off leash. She says I’m a Velcro dog.

I love people and other dogs and get along with kitty cats. I drink lots of water so need frequent potty breaks. I’m fine when crated or confined to the kitchen. I’d like a home with access to the yard via a doggie door.  

From his Rescue page:

Rebel has been diagnosis with Mild Dilated Cardiomyopathy. He takes Enalapril twice a day for his heart. He was also previously diagnosed (before coming into rescue July 2009) with Von Willebrands Disease (a type of hemophilia in dogs). He doesn't take any meds for it & he shows no signs of any issues or problems. He was neutered & had a mole removed from his lower eye lid this Spring and there were no medical or healing compilations. It's possible the VW test was compromised because he was infected with heart-worms at the time of testing.

Medical Update 09/09/10: Damage from the heart-worms is slowly getting better. He is coughing less and the x-rays look way better than his ones from February. His arteries are not as swollen as before and Dr. Cherry said Reb's heart & lungs sound good. 

Click on any of the “orange” links above to reach his rescue page.  Photobucket



  1. Yea, Rebel! With all of your medical problems, you have already seen the worst of life. Now some great family will come along and show you the best of life. That is the perfect size pool to play in. Make sure you hold out for a great family.

    Mogley G. Retriever

  2. What a cutie. I hope he gets snapped up by a deserving owner soon.

  3. love the pic of him in the pool. 5 years young in a great age