Sunday, November 14, 2010


Hi Y’all,

If y’all have a retriever, or any working dog who likes to carry things, there are so many things he can help you with around the house and yard.  You just have to use your imagination.  If your retriever shows an inclination to pick up certain things, teach him to take it and put it someplace special. 

Here are some pictures of me helping to bring things from the root cellar. Carryin' basket to root cellarRestin'Grin...helpin' 's fun



  1. I need to work on that stuff with Mesa. She's a pro at dock diving so I'm golden if I ever loose something in the water ;)


  2. I always like to carry something, so I started carrying empty water bottles. Then I moved up to full water bottles. Then they decided that when we go jogging or walking, I should carry my own water bottle in my mouth. Then I started seeing water bottles sitting beside people resting on benches and on logs, so I traded bottles with them, quickly. For some reason everyone got upset. Then I passed by a baby stroller one day and there was a white bottle, I grabbed that and made my getaway.

    Now I am not allowed to carry bottles when we run off leash. I wish they would make up their minds.

    Mogley G. Retriever

  3. Good for you, Hawkeye! My dog Shiva thinks everything I give her is to be eaten or chewed. So we're a long way from her helping me carry in the groceries.

  4. What a great idea for a retriever!

    Elyse and Riley