Thursday, January 20, 2011

Adopting? Have your vet check your new best friend and give you advise about its health


My name is Princeton!

I’m 6 years old and thought to be a Boxer Retriever mix.  It doesn’t really matter what I am, ‘cause I’m in doggie jail. 

My entire life has been turned upside down!  Everything I knew and loved is gone because my Human could not take me with him where he moved. 

I’m really a very nice boy. I love children and other  dogs. I also know how to behave in the house and to only take care of necessities outside. As you can tell from my speech, I am well educated. 

Here at doggie jail they’ve made sure that I have had all my vaccines and am neutered.  I wasn’t to keen on that last part ‘til they explained to me that it would make it easier to find a “forever home”. 

I thought I’d found my “forever home”, but then a test showed I had heart worms, whatever they are.  The people here want a place called “rescue” to take me so I can be treated for these heart worms before they make me really sick. 

The nice lady writing this once adopted a dog with heart worms and had her treated successfully.  This lady said she was scared for her dog, but that she (her dog) recovered and went on the have a wonderful life as a retriever and companion.  

I love to be with people.   I walk politely on a lead and car rides are my absolute favorite!

If you are willing to take care of me during and after my treatment, please come make me your forever dog! I promise to love and cherish you unconditionally forever! 

Please!  All I want is your love and affection! 








Click on any picture, bold type or Princeton’s name to go to his petfinder page here.


  1. What a handsome fella!

    Paws khrossed fur him and all the others that end up in need due to situations like this -

    As fur the HW+ thingie, Mom has transported multiple passengers who've been treated and released from the programme after their graduation!


  2. Oh Princeton! We are so sorry that your human left you behind when he moved. How mean is that! We are sorry about your heartworms too. But we also knew a doggie who had heartworms, and he took his medicine and was fine. We really hope you'll find the perfect family very soon!

  3. Paws Crossed for Princeton!! You are an adorable guy and we know you will find a home soon.