Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Out of the snow and into the ice!


Here in the low Country, we had an ice storm.  Where the ice storm was supposed to be, there was snow.  Oh well, family in the mountains say they now have about 28 inches of snow with another foot possible before it all tapers off Thursday evening.  That much snow “ain’t fun”!

 This was the shore early yesterday morning when I went for my walk.













Walking carefully on the icy pier this morning. Wimpy Human didn’t go down to the shore.

Below, no Bluebirds home today!   They were down in the garden eating something from the rose bushes.                                                                                                        

The glass tree.   Then I found this pretty weed. 

  And a long shot of the wetlands.

 Ok, so I hear y’all!  You’re buried in feet of snow or have twice the ice…or, if you’re in the northeast, you’re dreadin’ what tomorrow might bring.

So, I’ll sign out and keep my paws crossed that tomorrow is a wonderful day for all my readers, that they stay warm and safe.    Good night all!


  1. We were supposed to get ice/snow last night but none came. I guess we're kind of glad we didn't get any, but some snow would've been nice!

    Stay warm!!

    Elyse and Riley

  2. yes we had an ice storm in alabama too. but i stayed inside.

  3. We had ice last night in Oregon, but now it's warmed up and just raining.....Ice storms can be beautiful if you don't have to go anywhere!

  4. That ice storm stranded some of my friends trying to get home from vacation!