Friday, January 7, 2011

Quick Trip


  Monday evening I stood on the shore enjoying the scents and sights.  I knew we were heading off somewhere ‘cause my Human Momma had the little overnight case and the computers packed to go in the car the next morning.  My suitcase was also packed and stacked with the Humans. 

Early the next morning, 3am to be exact Momma got out of bed, showered dressed, took me for a walk, then fed me while she fixed fruit and coffee for her and Papa.  I heard them discussing where I would ride in the pick up.  I may have mentioned that I destroyed two seat belts as well as damaging the Human’s belt that held my harness.  Momma was for making me ride in the bed of the truck in my kennel.  Papa said it would be too cold with the wind and all.  Finally, it was settled that I would ride inside, in the back seat, but without a seatbelt.  Momma made my bed up behind Papa’s seat and put the luggage on the other side of the seat. 

Off we went in the early morning darkness.  It was moonless and pitch black on the back country roads.  There were no other cars and Momma had trouble recognizing familiar places and where to make her turns.  She almost missed her turn at the cotton gin.  Finally she reached the interstate, but was still driving slower than normal ‘cause it was hard to see it was so dark. 

We still made good time and soon the sun was rising and we had reached rolling land.  Finally the mountains appeared in the distance. 

We stopped a couple of times to let me stretch my legs.  I learned to step down on the floor then use the step rail to get out and to do the reverse to get back in and onto the seat. 

I enjoyed being able to see where we were going or where we’d been as well as out the side window.  On close examination I discovered a little button.  If I pushed it, the window beside me opened!  I could get the passing scents! 

Then I heard Papa say to Momma, “do you have a window open somewhere”.  Momma said no.  Papa kept insisting, so I pushed the button again and the window closed.  Momma looked around but didn’t see any open windows.  I kept playing with the button, opening and closing the window at will and driving the Humans crazy. 

After awhile Momma asked Papa if he had window open.  Then she quickly glanced over her shoulder and caught me with my window open!  Oops!  She was driving, so she had all the window controls and closed my window!  Mean lady! 

The Humans made the appointment on time.

Then we headed up the mountains to the house, worried that the driveway, which is a steep slope, would be icy.  It wasn’t. 

It was late and there were only a couple of drifts in the shade of the mountain and the house that hadn’t melted.  If y’all recall, they had 20 inches on Christmas day.  That was on top of days of snow we had before leaving for Christmas at the shore.   It’s amazing how the snows come and go in the southeastern mountains. 

The Humans checked the weather and decided to return to the shore straight from their Thursday morning appointment.  The next day I helped as they gathered fruit and such from the root cellar.  Momma scheduled my Wednesday and Thursday blog post for me.  Hooray! I wouldn’t  miss a post. 

When we got up Thursday morning, the thermometer showed 37 degrees, the same it had been when we went to bed.  The snow was blowing and wind cut through my brown coat like a knife.  Momma, who doesn’t do well in wind and/or cold, came in after putting the computers in the truck, asking Papa, “are you sure that thermometer is correct?  It feels like it’s in the 20’s, not 37.” 

Once more we were off before daylight.  Momma is horrified of snow and ice.  She’s afraid of plummeting into the Hearafter off one of the mountain roads, which have few if any guard rails; so Papa drove.  When we got off of our road, the snow had blown and formed ice and there was black ice from the warm temperatures.  Heading to the gap the road got worse and worse as we climbed.  Once we reached the lower elevations on the other side, the roads were good except for black ice. 

After their appointment, the Humans headed toward another gap on the interstate.  A nightmare for truckers because of its steep grades, it’s often closed in bad weather because of ice and heavy fogs.  The storm was clearing, so the Humans got some great shots of the fairyland.     




  Finally, after several rest stops so everyone, including me, could stretch our legs, we’re back at the shore in time to enjoy a walk and a sunset.  

  Now that I’ve brought y’all up to date, as promised.  It’s time for the “Saturday Blog Hop” 









  1. Hawk, you're so smart to figure out the window button! Glad you had a good trip and your pictures were beautiful!

    Elyse and Riley

  2. I like opening the window too. I thought I was pretty smart until daddy put the window locks on. :( Lola

  3. Gosh but you are full of the smartness to open and close the window all by yourself! Will you come ride wiff me and do the same thing?!

    Big slurps, HoneyBuzz

  4. That was an amazing adventure--I think you are SOOOOO smart for getting that window thing figured out. I might have you give me some lessons....

  5. Hawk, Kodee here. Got your note about hiding the dog trick video you saw at our blog from your Mom. Listen dude, if your opening car windows by yourself, I'm thinking, you maybe should be IN THE VIDEO! Your smart, your my hero.

    P.S. beautiful pictures I enjoyed hearing about your trip
    <3 Miss Kodee

  6. 3am sure is early! But at least you got your window open ;) Mesa does that so we have to lock them