Monday, January 10, 2011

Thank y’all for your comments and Pet Blogger Challenge --- long post today.


Before I go on, let me show the links for Blog Paws and for the dogs referred to in a comment to Sunday’s post.   Scratchings and Sniffings is absolutely hysterical.  I started reading some of the cat’s “Grumpy Old Lady”, posts…I was BOL  Dog face 

Another comment, made from Lily, Trixie and Sammy Joe also helped to start me thinkin’, maybe everybody doesn’t like the same stuff I like.  So I asked my Humans.

They proceeded to tell me about the little Basenji, long over the Rainbow.  Evidently Basenjis are not retrievers. 

Used to retrievers, Momma decided to teach her to retrieve.  At the time, evidently, she didn’t understand some of us are bred to do different stuff.  

In the isle of the barn, Momma tossed a ball and little Lola, that was her name, ran down and brought the ball back to Momma.  The Humans immediately assumed she was a natural retriever.  Momma threw the ball again, and again she returned it.  Then Papa took a turn.  That’s all he got, one turn.  The next time the ball was thrown, she laid down in front of them with an expression that said, “if y’all are dumb enough to keep throwing that ball, after I’ve brought it back several times, go get it yourself!” 

So, from what my Humans told me, I’ve concluded, while we need you Humans to have patience tryin’ to teach us stuff, you’ll have a lot more success getting’ us to do stuff we like.  Plus, we’ll have fun learnin’.

Hmmm, the Humans just mentioned “lap dogs”…well…that’s a deep subject…guess that’s what they like to do…get in a Human’s lap. 

Guess we’re like people, huh?   

Now to change the subject!  and face up to the Blogger Challenge and answer questions about my blog. The Pet Blogger Challenge was conceived of by Edie Jarolim, author of Am I Boring My Dog. Kim Clune, author of This One Wild Life designed the great badge for the event. Thanks, Kim!

1. When did my blog begin?   It actually began as a Journal that I still keep.   That blog started in October 2008.  The BlogSpot blog started in May 2009. 

2. What was my original purpose for starting my blogMy purpose is to record moments in time, so I could remember them better later.

3. Is your current purpose still the same?  Yes and no.  I still record special moments in time, but I’ve expanded my blogs purpose.

   If not, what is different?  First I expanded to try and let my family keep up with what we were doing.  Then some friends thought I told good stories, and they liked to read them to their grandchildren.  So my storytelling were aimed at the children.  Later, since I still love rescue dogs, when Pet Finder started their adoption promotion, I joined in…one thing led to another and I’ve tried to dedicate Thursday to a retriever in need of rescue.  Since I’m a retriever, I try to select a Chessie or at least a retriever breed or mix to feature.  I also try to share things I do that others with working dogs can do to keep their dogs happy and challenged. This latter is actually listed in my Profile introduction as the purpose of the BlogSpot blog. 

  How do you feel you’ve met your goals?  My friends and family can find out what we’ve been doing.  I keep my stories child friendly so the grandchildren can read them too.  As for getting dogs adopted, I can only hope the ones that have found homes, have found homes where they are as happy as I am.  Since these dogs are featured on other sites, I don’t think I have enough exposure to make a significant  contribution, but it gives me satisfaction to know I promoted other pawed ones.

4.  Do you blog on a schedule or as the spirit moves you?  Originally, I only blogged when I had something happen that was special.  As the blog on BlogSpot expanded this year, I’ve started trying to stick to a schedule.  Sometimes the Humans have other plans that interrupt.

   If you blog as the spirit moves you, do you worry and about what"?  It seems, since I’m on a schedule, that I have more followers.  Maybe that has nothing to do with getting followers.   I do ‘tend to loose momentum and loose touch when I blog only when the spirit moves me. 

5.  Are you generating income from your blog?  No.  I haven’t been trying.  I’m out there to be helpful and encouraging to dogs and their Humans. 

6. What do you like best about blogging in general and your blog in particular?  I love getting input from readers.  I enjoy trying to address questions and comments in follow up blogs.  I’m a working dog, but my Humans no longer hunt.  Many people have various breeds of working dogs and then don’t know how to keep them challenged.  I like to think maybe I help some of them.  I love to visit other dogs, ‘cause I’m an only dog.  I love to read about their lives.  I’ve concluded the ones that blog are happy dogs! 

7. What do you like least?  I don’t like the growing feeling of pressure to keep updating my blog.  I find myself paying attention to stuff only Humans should worry about.  I’m a dog.  I don’t want to be a Human. 

8. How do you see your blog changing in 2011?  I hope I’ll be able to communicate better…it’s hard when you’re a dog.  I hope to be more responsive to my readers.  I hope to have more time to enjoy the blogs I follow. 




  1. Enjoyed learning more about you - glad you decided to participate in the Challenge! Love your blog.

  2. Hi Hawk...thanks for sharing more about your blog. We enjoying reading about you and seeing your beautiful photos!

  3. It's fun getting to know you better. I agree - it is hard to keep a dog whose meant to be working happy even if he doesn't have the type of work that he was bred for. Our dog, R, has champion field labs everywhere in his family tree. We thought that we were active enough with our dogs to keep him challenged. We were wrong - he's ended up with obsessive-compulsive disorder, which apparently is pretty common in working dog breeds who don't work... We have it under control but it's a lotta work for us humans!

    Anyway, thanks for telling us about *you*!

  4. Hey, Hawk, keep on blogging! What you're doing is so helpful, and all your beautiful photos are a great bonus!

  5. So happy you participated! Not nearly enough dogs have. I guess canines aren't much for introspection, eh? It's too bad as I think you have a very important voice. I hope in the future you can spend more time just enjoying the writing process and less time worrying about all that crappy human stuff. I don't want to deal with it either.

    Dogs ARE very different from each other, just like humans. Only better. :-)

  6. Hi Hawk! Thanks for mentioning us in your blog! Yep, some dogs definitely do love to retrieve stuff (like Lily) and some (like Trixie) think its nonsense! But maybe all dogs could learn to do it if they got a treat or something when they brought it back!

  7. Keep bloggin hawk...We like seeing you have fun in your pictures!

  8. Hey Hawk, we enjoyed getting to know you better!

    Elyse and Riley

  9. Hi Hawk! Thanks so much for participating in the challenge. I love that you're promoting dogs that need homes. I'm sure you are making a difference.

  10. What Amy said, Hawk -- thanks so much for taking part. I always enjoy seeing you on my blog. You're a handsome dog and and a gentleman!

  11. Our guys definitely trained us to do stuff they like ;-)

  12. Beautiful Chessie, beautiful pics, lovely post. Nice to meet you!

  13. Thanks for sharing and for complimenting Oliver's painting at the Dogs for the PAWS project. He's blushing!