Friday, January 28, 2011

Fun Friday - Let’s Address Your Questions!


I’m sorry to interrupt this post, but Almost Heaven Golden Retriever Rescue needs your vote!  Just a vote folks! YOur vote can help them get some much needed financial assistance…

HERE is a direct linkYou can also  get information and this link at the BUMPASS HOUNDS who told me about the need.

If you go to the direct link, click on it will take you to the Animal Rescue Site where you will get to click to donate a free bowl of food to homeless animals. After you do that you will be presented with a "Thank You" page; at the top center of that page please click on the "VOTE TODAY" button. That will then take you directly to the voting page. The only information that you need to enter is to select "WV" as the State from the drop down menu and enter "Capon" for the City. Then click on "Search." The page will then do its' thing and will end up showing "Almost heaven Golden Retriever Rescue & Sanctuary, Inc. Capon Bridge, WV 26714." A "VOTE" button will also appear. Click on that "VOTE" button. After you vote you will see a confirmation page that requires you to identify an animal photo; this eliminates illegal machine voting. The answer is simply the type of animal that you see; dog, cat, turtle, fish, cow, etc. - not a specific breed. You can cast one vote everyday from as many different computers to which you have access. Voting will run for 10 weeks.  You can have the Animal Rescue Site send you a daily reminder to "click" for free food; then you can vote for Almost Heaven Golden Retriever Rescue.  It’s a big win win! 

Hi Y’all!  

Today we’re going to address some questions you’ve been asking. 

Oh, and for those of you comin’ by to play…I’m still waitin’.  What’s takin’ so long? Mesa said she was comin’ and when I went lookin’ she’s layin’ in from of the fireplace!  (stop by her site HERE or click on her name) 

Trixie, Lily and Sammy-Joe ask what kind of toy I have in my mouth.

 They also ask if it bounces…

Yes it bounces all kinds of crazy ways.  It’s called an AerDog, but there are other kinds and similar ones.  This one is like two tennis balls with a bar between them.

Carrie with Tanner and Oliver  loved Monday’s Misty picture…they were wondering what my Human did to get the unusual coloration…

I really hate to disappoint y’all, but what you see is what it was.  We get lots of fog and mist this time of year.  We live on the water.  Sometimes we don’t see sun until noon and sometimes the fog burns off quickly. 

Then I received a horrifying comment about my water…Y’all know Jana Rada, right?  She writes that great blog that keep us and our Humans aware of our health problems and advances in treatments.  Her blog is Dawg  Business (click on her name or the blog name or here to go to her site)  But back to the comment about “leave it” and the water. 

My Human told me “leave it”.  Believe me I’ll be careful to listen…I thought Momma was just bein’ over protective.  Here’s the comment…and this lady would know!  “a perfectly good puddle or lake BOL Some of them have hidden dangers though, such as blue algae, leptospirosis”  

Maybe I won’t even get my feet wet anymore…Dog face 

Momma usually lets me swim when we have lots of water comin’ down from rains and melting mountain snows.  If we’re in the mountains she lets me go in when we are high up above the towns.  She says down by the towns there is too much chance of pollution. 

Now we get to the final question…the biggie…just about everyone asked this…(click on the picture or the name in bold to visit their site)

24 Paws of Love said...

Just what are you thinking there Hawkeye?? said...

Watching the birds and wishing you could catch one?

Pup Fan said...

Whatcha thinking about?

KB said...

Oh no, Hawk - you're not sad about something, are you?

Kari in WeHo said...

Whatcha thinking about?


Tune in tomorrow for the answer!


  1. Hey Hawkeye,
    Thank you for stopping by our blog and leaving a c comment. It would sure help if you could promote Almost Heaven's participation in The Animal Rescue Site's Shelter Challenge.; maybe some of you followers would vote for us if they don't have their own shelter that they're supporting.

  2. You do have quite the pensive look. I like what the fog does to your photos, it makes them look really dreamy.

  3. Sorry! Mom wouldn't let me travel that far - Mesa


  4. Awww gotta wait for tomorrow.. OK we'll be back

  5. We can't wait to hear the answer to that final question! Bummer about the nastiness in the water...!

    Elyse and Riley

  6. Oh, P.S.--We like the new look!

  7. Wow what a busy day! Looking forward to the answer tomorrow!! (and that really is a cool photo with the mist!)