Sunday, January 16, 2011

Answers to your questions!


Hi Y’all,

As promised I’ll address your questions about MY life. 

  Several people and pups have asked about my “early to rise” habit…Most recently, Gus, from according to Gus…actually, I think he was sleeping, so his Humans commented. 

I get up early for several reasons.  First and most important is to be sure my Humans get the day started in a timely fashion.  Second, I’m hungry…don’t want ‘em to be late feedin’ me! Finally, I’m a retriever and it’s in our blood!  We get up early to be where we’re goin’ with our Humans before the birds get up!

In the picture below the water is turning shades of pink as the sun lights the morning sky during it’s own wake up session.

  My friends over at 24 Paws of Love liked the sound of the homemade bread and early mornin’ walk.  Momma only bakes once a week, but she gets up early and we take long walks every mornin’.  It’s a great day in the mornin’ before the winds come up, or in summer, before it’s too hot and humid. 

My friends over at Kyra’s Corner don’t quite feel the same way about early to rise.  They do lots of fun stuff though. 

My friends Trixie, Lilly and Sammy-Joe have a unique way of getting’ their Momma out from under the warm covers.  They like to sit on her and lick her.  Now if I sat my 100lbs on my Momma, she might suffocate!

There’s more questions and comments to address, so stay tuned!  For now I’m off to enjoy a Sunday Mornin’.  In the meantime, check out the bold links of my friends, though my guess is, you already know them! 


  1. Our hu-dad is an early riser (and early to bed as well), so most of us get up early. But, Rusty is well known for his desire to stay under the covers on cold mornings.

  2. My Mom gets me up!! What's with that--she's crazy I think. I just go out on the couch and go back to sleep (until I hear the food bowls rattle). And I think she's doubly crazy because she doesn't go to work or anything.

  3. Mike and Beth have to get me up....they get up WAY too early -- 4:30 in the morning! I mean -- really, it's still dark out! Thanks for sharing the answers with all of us!

  4. You can keep the early mornings.. We like to get up around 9am 10 if we're lucky

  5. Riley likes to get up around 7:00 which I thought was way too early...but it's definitely not as early as you get up! What time do you go to bed if you get up so early?

    Elyse and Riley

  6. We have to get up early on our own here. Our dogs stay in bed while we get ready to take them for a walk. What's wrong with that picture?????

  7. The cats refuse to let anyone sleep in past, say 5 a.m. or so on any given day of the week. Darby, on the other hand, is happy to hang in bed with whichever one of us didn't deal with the cats until we finally drag ourselves out to greet the day. Hawk needs to hang out with my cats and keep the world on schedule :)