Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Do you want a friend, a helpmate, someone to “teach”, someone to love you?





Hi Folks!  Look deep into my eyes.  I’m so sad.  My Humans don’t care enough to come get me, so I’m left here in doggy jail. 

The nice people here have called them a couple of times, but still they won’t come.  Heck, they didn’t care enough to walk me or keep me in a safe fenced yard so I got picked up as a stray!  Of all the indignities!    

Are you the one to be my true love? 

Are you the one to take the time to teach me manners so I can go places and do things with you?  I’d love to have a person with whom to play ball, hike, jog or go biking.

I’d love to go to school with my special person and learn how to be a good canine citizen. 

They say I might be too big and strong to play with small children, but I like other dogs. 

If you have time to spend with me and help me learn to be a good family member, you would be my true love forever.

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  1. Oh I hope you find a loving forever home very soon, my friend....(VERY sad face here)

  2. Someone is out there just for you.. We can feel it!! Paws crossed!