Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Your Questions, My Answers

 Sage from The (mis)Adventures of Sage asked me about swimming…”And you aren't in that water out there? What up with that? I'd be there in a sec!” 

As you can see in the picture to the left, I do get in and play.  I also train in the water. 


  Here you see me practicing a bumper retrieve while the local geese watch in the background.

However, much as I love the water, my Humans are always with me and decide when it is safe for me to swim or train…and sometimes I guess it’s just at their whim.  But I’ll show you some reasons they make their decisions and I obey.

This is one of the many “faces” of the waterfront.  This picture, taken last spring, was after the wetland was burned and the waters were deep and high. 

The pictures below were taken this year, after another year of drought.  Drought has devastated large areas of the south for almost 5 years. While some areas get a little relief from time to, it doesn’t last.

Above I stand on the beach which should be underwater.  To the right I’m heading toward the pier that is surrounded by water in the picture where I am sitting on it. 

The water is chilly this time of year, but not too cold for a hunting Chessie.  I must admit my Humans baby me. 

The hunting dogs get severe arthritis and my Momma says she’d rather have me learn control and only swim when she decides the water is safe. 

There are a couple of other things that determine whether I swim or not.  This next picture is of an alligator hole.  When the water is at normal depth an alligator bellies down into the mud, often for the winter, until water temperatures get above 50F.  They come out from time to time on milder days.

The other detriment to swimming are the boaters and fishermen.  The scariest are the crazy kids on  “personal water craft” who carry on with no regard for  others.

Friday I will address how to teach your dog to “hand” you the object he just brought back to you.  Hand the object to you without objection or tug of war or games of “keep away”. 

Stay tuned!


  1. You are pretty awesome at fetching that bumper. Have you ever thought of competing at dock dogs?

  2. Whoa! Alligators? Crazy kids on jet skis? Swimming sounds pretty dangerous! You'd better always listen to your Mom!

  3. I love learning all these things about you. ALLIGATORS!!!! Oh my! My dogs really need to learn that "give" command with the amount of garbage kids from the school keep dropping on the sidewalk. Will be back for your lesson!