Monday, January 17, 2011

More answers about early risers…


Hi Y’all, 

Thought I’d answer more questions today!  But first, let me continue to address the EARLY thing!

To start, a little investigation on my part led to the discovery that Darby, who lives with Vicky of Paw Print  City Times, has no incentive to arise in the morning!  See the Cuteness Vicky posted yesterday! It’s not edible! (please note that I say this with my wolfish grin and panting laugh…or as Humans say, tongue in check)  I think the cats just outnumber poor Vicky, so Darby takes advantage of having the bed to herself. Open-mouthed smile I’ve ruled out that the cats are in cahoots with Darby.  No self respecting cat would do such a thing, much less arise early so the dog could lounge in bed.

Now poor KB out there rompin’ and rollin’ in the Rockies has dogs that have life figured out.  Like Darby, they just stay in bed until their “faithful servants” supply their every want and need.  But then I figure that’s pretty much what Humans are supposed to do!

Elyse and Riley of Adventures of a Cattle Dog like to get up about 7 am…correction…Riley likes to get up! 

They ask what time I go to bed…or are they asking what time my Humans go to bed?  I go to bed any time the mood strikes me, which is usually 8pm.  My Humans are the same way…whenever the mood strikes.  If it’s been a hard day, they might join me shortly.  If it’s been a lazy day, 10pm or so works okay.  Momma rarely is awake after 10pm, but Papa frequently is awake later. 

Now, y’all will find this interestin’, at least I did, Momma considers this “sleepin’ in”.  Back before my time, when they had lots of horses they used to feed and water at 4am.  That meant they were up earlier than that.  

Now Cooper and Lola told me exactly what I could do with my early mornings: keep them!

Remington’s family have to get him up, but they get up REALLY early.  The Thundering Herd gets up with their Hu-dad except for Rusty. 

And Sage of  The (mis)Adventures of Sage goes back to bed after being awakened by the Human.  That is until the food dishes rattle.

This informal 2 day study leads me to believe that there are as many different sleep patterns of our pawed friends as for their Humans…However, the late and early risers are not necessarily paired. 

Sorry I got sort of side tracked in my purpose  because I was fascinated by the responses about my sleeping habits. 

Several of y’all have expressed wonder that “moi” a “water dog” can frolic around the water and not dive into it…stay tuned tomorrow for the answer!


  1. We are weird because our Mama LOVES to sleep in! The dogs among us actually get up earlier than Mama. We sneak downstairs to where Gramma and Grampa are getting ready for work. We get them to let us out and share their breakfast with us. Then we sneak back upstairs into Mama's bed. If Mama is not up by 10 or so, Lily starts crying and licking her and tossing her ball in her face to make her get up! ;)

  2. Hawk you made me smile today. Thanks for that!

  3. Time fur Mom to once again appreciate me even more!

    I let her sleep even though she doesn't always do the same fur me!


  4. we are just not early risers here! even after we eat we all go back to bed