Friday, January 14, 2011

A typical morning


Hi Y’all,

Every morning starts about the same.  I get up and wake my Human Momma to take me out.  It’s usually dark, but close enough to dawn that the Great Blues are waking up and making their raspy calls.  After I make a quick run to check out the bushes and make sure they are properly marked, I go back inside and nap until time for breakfast.  At 6 am I get breakfast. 

By this time, Momma is dressed and starting the Humans breakfast of fruit, tea and a slice of the homemade bread which Momma makes every week.  As soon as she finishes I ask for a walk. 

Off we go…no not into the “wild blue yonder”! 

The drought in the southeast has lowered the water levels so that we have a beach!  I love the beach!  In the picture below I’m actually in the wetlands that aren’t wet this year.

By now the birds are singing and the sea gulls screeching.  They are searching for bait fish.  The Herons and Egrets are wading in the shallows fishing. 

Large flocks of Canadian Geese fly off to the farm fields to feed.  They always “honk” as they fly so you can’t miss them. 

On a really chilly day I get the “zoomies” and race up and down the beach.  The Killdeer  frequent the beach and nest in the yard and the gardens.  They keep flying off when I try to approach.  Next month the great migration will begin.


  1. And you aren't in that water out there? What up with that? I'd be there in a sec!

  2. It sounds like such a great life, my you get a taste of that homemade bread too?

  3. Wonderful! It's nice that you are able to roam free and get the zoomies with ease. It sounds like you lead the perfect dog's life.

  4. Wow, you are an early riser! We have trouble getting our Mama to wake up before ten to let us out. We have to sit on her and lick her until she gets up!

  5. I'm a sleeper inner kind of khanine!
    It is furry rare I get her up - and when I do, she KNOWS I need to go out -

    This having Mom bakhk to work stuff SO intrudes on my beaWOOty sleep!

    At least I khan go bakhk after she leaves!

    Thanks fur sharing your pawesome days!


  6. Sounds like a wonderful morning!! Especially that homemade bread and taking a walk with you. Enjoy your tomorrow!

  7. Wow, are definitely an early bird. We have to coax Gus out of bed. Sounds like you have a fabulous morning routine :)

  8. My pups refuse to go outside until they've had breakfast!